Welcome to Electric Vehicle Solution, a website with the purpose of providing you with the information you need to be able to convert your vehicle to run on electricity. Although this can be a daunting project, with the right advice and  information … and some perseverance, … you can convert your vehicle to run on battery power.

And just to prove that point here is a clip of Gavin Shoebridge who, dispite having basically no mechanical knowledge or experience, took on the the task of converting a vehicle to run on battery power. And as he says, if he can do it, just about anyone can! Converting a vehicle to run using batteries will cut your fuel bill and reduce your carbon footprint.

So before you think that you will not be able to take on this task, have a look at the clip, and then get the ebook Gavin wrote after his experience converting a vehicle to electric power. The satisfaction which you can acheive by doing an electric vehicle conversion can be heard in Gavin’s voice in the clip as he describes how he overcame each obstacle which stood in his way as he went through the conversion project.

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