There is a growing trend that has developed over recent years to convert gas powered cars to electrically driven power. With the slow recovery of the economy and the increasing demand for gas, the fuel price has again started to climb. This means that each tank of gas will end up costing more and more.

It seems as if affordable factory built electric vehicles may yet be some years away, so many people have given up waiting for factory built electric vehicles and started building these vehicles themselves … and you can too!

When looking for information about how to do your own electric vehicle you will undoubtedly come across some dodgy claims and outright scams. Here are three Electric Vehicle Conversion Guides which you can take a look at. They differ in their approach to the conversion, as well as coming from different parts of the world, but each one gives you all the information which you need to be successful in your own conversion.

The following criteria are considered when reviewing each of the top three Electric Vehicle Conversion Guides:

  1. Features: Personal Experience of the converter, the detail in the diagrams and plans, and access to video tutorials
  2. Customer Service: Does the site provide any personal service or support to those who purchase the ebook
  3. Ease of Use: How easy is the conversion guide to use, do the instructions make sense, do the images match the instructions
  4. Price: Does the ebook provide value for money in terms of the information provided for the price paid.

So taking the above into consideration, below we have the three top Electric Vehicle Conversion Guides, read through and pick the one which best suits your requirements, then start your conversion!


Ev Secrets Electric Vehicle Conversion Guide:

Author of the now well known ebook – “Electric Vehicle Conversion Made Easy” Gavin Shoebridge, from New Zealand, started out barely knowing how to change his gas vehicle’s oil, but through perseverence and determination he taught himself the skills neccessary to complete a electric vehicle conversion. Then he took all the things he learned and put them into his ebook. The book contains many tips and ideas for saving money while doing your conversion, all gained from Gavin’s personal experience.

This easy-to-read ebook takes you step-by-step through every single element of planning, implementing and succeeding with your electric conversion.

Visit the EVsecrets Website


Convert-2-EV Electric Vehicle Conversion Guide:

In their eBook on how to convert your gas vehicle to run on electricity, Les and Jane Oke draw on their personal experience in converting their own vehicle to run on electricity. They are therefore able to give you handy and helpful tips about the best way to go about your conversion and help you avoid the pitfalls and problem areas. Their eBook is filled with information about the process of converting your vehicle to run on electricity and they like to help where they can and offer personal advice if you contact them through the contact details contained in the eBook.

A great point by point guide to getting your electric vehicle completed and running so that you can start to realise the savings from such a conversion.

Visit the Convert-2-EV Website

Gas2Electric Electric Vehicle Conversion Guide:

In the Gas2Electric eBook you will get a good introduction to the requirements to convert your gas powered vehicle to run on electricity. The book includes a break down of the different battery types with the pro’s and con’s of each type. The book also includes instructions on how to install the different components of the electric vehicle installation. In short a good overall introduction to what is neccessary to convert your gas vehicle to run on battery power.

Having subsequently done some additional conversions, for his son and daughter, the owner of the Gas2Electric site can truely speak from experience when giving advice about doing an electric vehicle conversion.

Visit the Gas2Electric Website


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